Name, Authority, and Purpose

The Harris County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (hereinafter referred to as HCCJCC or Council) was created by Order of Harris County Commissioners Court dated July 14, 2009.

The Council works collectively to manage systemic challenges facing Harris County's criminal justice system and strengthen the overall well-being of our communities by developing and recommending policies and practices that improve public safety; promote fairness, equity and accountability; and reduce unnecessary incarceration and criminal justice involvement in Harris County.   The Council collects and evaluates local criminal justice data to identify systemic issues and facilitates collaboration between agencies, experts, and community service providers to improve Harris County's criminal justice system in accordance with best practices. 

The Council works to implement the Safety and Justice vision statement adopted by the Harris County Commissioners Court:

Harris County will promote safe, thriving communities through restorative and evidence-based strategies that foster public trust, prevent violence and trauma, reduce racial and economic disparities, and minimize criminal justice system exposure where at all possible.

CJCC Bylaws Information

Click here to download the CJCC Bylaws.


All  members will approach the Council with a commitment to best practices in criminal justice, and a commitment to racial and gender equality.

The HCCJCC is composed of:

  1. Sheriff
  2. District Attorney
  3. Chief Public Defender
  4. District Clerk
  5. Administrative Judge of the Criminal Trial Division of the District Courts
  6. Presiding Judge of the County Criminal Courts
  7. Commissioners Court Member
  8. Commissioners Court Member
  9. County Attorney
  10. Houston Police Department Chief of Police
  11. Mayor of the City of Houston
  12. Director of Harris Public Health Department
  13. Director of the Community Supervision & Corrections Department
  14. Director of Pretrial Services
  15. Victim Rights (trauma-informed) Expert*
  16. Representative of the impacted community*
  17. Member of a nonprofit criminal justice research, policy, or member-based organization*